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Part 2
Teen Years

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This is a 'Jovic Photo', taken by my Dad. 


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I played in a variety of television shows including
DR KILDARE which was very popular at the time.
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Here I am in the documentary
I was 15 when I portrayed Paula, a true story of a girl
who spoke only in numbers.
I won an Emmy Award for Best Actress in this role.

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 I sang at the Hollywood Bowl (in my Jemima Boone dress) with my sister Angela who was on 'Lost In Space' at the time (re:the spacesuit)
the Pet Awards
I met the Beatles in 1965.
Jemima Boone

I played the role of "Jemima Boone" on the series DANIEL BOONE starring Fess Parker, Ed Ames, Albert Salmi, Patricia Blair and Darby Hinton.

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My favorite episode was
'The Choosing.' 

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This series is available on DVD 

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WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND with Maria Schell,
Stanley Baker and Edward G. Robinson.
It was about refugees sailing from port to port.
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Scenes from ONE MAN'S WAY the Norman Vincent Peale story. Here I am on a ledge again








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