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Veronica Cartwright





Part 7

Veronica celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the
Hitchcock thriller THE BIRDS.

October 2012

The Birds

the Birds

July 2012 OddWayHome
Veronica plays Francine in "The Odd Way Home"
an Indie film starring Rumor Willis shooting in New Mexico
the bat
Veronica Cartwright’s Cornelia Van Gorder brought a level of reality and common sense to this mystery. She was the glue that held the elements together and Cartwright did a fine and believable job. more

Te Bat
July 26 2012 through August 26th 2012
Veronica is starring as Cornelia Van Gorder in the theatre production of The Bat at Theatre 40 in Los Angeles

the bat
...led by the classy Cartwright who gives a special grande dame quality to Cornelia... more

February 7, 2012
Veronica plays Judge Elizabeth Hawthorne on ABC "Revenge" airing February and March
"In/Sight" is released on DVD
July 1st 2010
Veronica shoots an episode of "Memphis Beat"
Veronicas interview on BLOG TALK RADIO
Listen to her interview in the archives
Veronica is in the movie "In/Sight" with Sean Patrick Flannery, Natalie Zea and Christopher Lloyd.
June 13 2010.
Veronica guest stars as Chad Lowes mother in the episode Lost Memory on "Drop Dead Diva" on Lifetime
Scrapbook 2009
Eastwick TV
September 2009

Veronica as BUN in the series Eastwick.



Read Veronica's Interview about her role as BUN
click here

May 2009 February 2009
Alien Award Vee as Bun in Eastwick
Veronica and Angela make an appearance at WONDERFEST in Louisville, Kentucky and Veronica picks up her Alien Legacy Gold Award ABC's EASTWICK pilot sells and sets to begin shooting July 2009. Airing in Fall on ABC. Veronica is cast as 'Bun'
February 2009
Veronica and sister Angela film a segment of PBS
"Pioneers of Television"

Scrapbook 2008Veronica
March 2008
"INVASION" movie released on DVD
Veronica shoots a Liongates pilot
"Parental Guidance"
in which she plays Susan
March/April 2008
Montana Amazon
Veronica films "Montana Amazon, The Adventures of the Dunderheads" where she plays the role of Margaret. Connie Cooper, Haley Joel Osment and Paul Collins are also in the cast.
March 2008
Call of the Wild

Veronica returns from Montana where she portrays Sheriff Rene Taylor in the film "Call Of The Wild" 

Call of the Wild
Call of the Wild
Christopher Lloyd, Amy Teegarten and Timothy Bottoms.  

November 2007
August 17 2007

Invasion Movie
Veronica appears in an episode of "October Road" Now In Theatres "The Invasion" Veronica plays Wendy in this film with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig
June 2007
Mommy's House
Veronica plays Mommy in the short movie "Mommy's House"
April 2007  
Our Land Our Land
Veronica is Camille Milano in the pilot "Our Land" but it doesn't sell.
  March 2007

Veronica shoots extra scenes with Nicole Kidman
for the movie "INVASION" formally called "The Visiting
February 2007
Leave It To Beaver card
Hallmark comes out with a line of cards from "Leave It To Beaver"
This one has Veronica as Violet kissing the Beaver just in time for Valentines Day.







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