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October 2006
Veronicas played Barbara Dalton, the bank robbers Mother in an episode of THE NINE

Veronica shoots her second and third episodes of THE NINE as Barbara Dalton. but the series is cancelled and they never air.


October 12 2006

Veronica & Angela Cartwright attend the 60th Anniversary of THE TELEVISION ACADEMY OF ARTS & SCIENCES

October 19 - 22 2006

Veronica flies to Chicago with Tippi Hedren
for a  Hitchcock Film Festival

where they are showing "The Birds"



September 2006

Scizzor Sisters CD
Veronica with the Scissor Sisters? She's on the
CD cover

photographer Rocky Schenck
August 2006

Veronica films the role of Mrs. Belakov in the feature movie NEOWOLF

July 2006
Veronica does a guest star role on 7th HEAVEN
as principal Mrs. Fitzhenry air date October 15, 2006
Veronica travels to Georgia to play
Catherine in the movie THE YELLOW WALLPAPER
April 2006


Veronica films 'CSI - Crime Scene Investigation'
playing the role of Diane Chase

 February 2006


May 13, 2006


Shambala benefit with Tippi Hedren from THE BIRDS
Cold Case
Veronica films COLD CASE

SUN Newspaper March 2006
November 2005

Veronica plays nun Mother Mary Clair in an episode NIP/TUCK.
  November 2005

Veronica flies to Florida to accept her Best Supporting Actress Award for 'DINGLE BARRY'.
  November 2005
Law & Order SVU
Veronica plays Victoria Kennison in LAW & ORDER SVU air date November 8st on CBS.
November 2005
Boston Legal
Veronica in BOSTON LEGAL playing the role of Judge Peggy Zeder

 October 2005


Veronica travels to Baltimore to play the role of
Wendy Lenk in the movie INVASION formally called
THE VISITING with Nicole Kidman.

September 28, 2005
Veronica's appears in 4 episodes of the TV show INVASION in which she plays Valerie Shenkman
  July 2005


releases new X FILES trading cards with autographed cards

June 2005
Veronica plays Vera Merrill on an episode of THE CLOSER called
Good Housekeeping Airdate August 8th on TNT
May 2005
KINSEY released on DVD with additional footage.

March 2005
Veronica wins the Glitter Award for Best Supporting Actress in STRAIGHT JACKET

March 2005 

Veronica films her second episode of

WITHOUT A TRACE Airdate May 19, 2005

October  2004

 Veronica films KINSEY in which she plays Sara, Liam Nieson's mother

September  2004

Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket  "STRAIGHT JACKET" is released Straight Jacket

Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket
Straight Jacket

Just Married
Veronica plays Brittany Murphy's Mom in
August 20th, 2004
Veronica attends screening of

August  2004

Veronica shoots guest appearance on
as Evelyn Shayhan. 
Aired October 22, 2004

August 22, 2004
June 13, 2004
Veronica as Peg Kimmel in 2 episodes of SIX FEET UNDER airs on HBO



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